“It’s That Time of Year Again”

At this stage it’s safe to say we are all over the fright of Halloween. Once the clocks past midnight on October 31st and we sail into November it’s like Halloween never happened. Instantly we are capitulated into the festive Christmas Season. Christmas is coming earlier and earlier each year. The opinion on this movement seems to be rather divided, some appreciating the longer time to prepare others feeling the true sense of Christmas becomes all to commercial. Whatever direction the debate takes, it simply doesn’t matter as Christmas begins long before December ever does!



The run up to Christmas is the prime time for businesses and organisations to showcase their products, services and offerings. This is a time when customers are actively seeking out purchases and often find it difficult to make these decisions. This is your opportunity to facilitate the customer and ensure they make an informed and appropriate purchase decision. Cue your commercial photographer! Timing is key as we mentioned Christmas begins earlier and earlier. People are beginning to start their Christmas shop long before we hear the tune of Jingle Bells. Use your commercial photographer to create festive images to educate customers on what exactly you have to offer. Provide them with party ideas, gift solutions and much more besides.

xms 2


Christmas is a time of indulgence, fun and family. Cleverly constructed images will portray these feelings of indulgence. The ability to have your brand associated with Christmas in the mind of customers is something you cannot put a price on. It’s simply priceless.


Getting your portfolio of images and Christmas campaign out early is a major success factor. Educating customers on gift item solution will make their purchase decision a lot more straight forward. Visually prompting customers on what you have to offer is preferred over simply telling them. Memorable visual images will remain imprinted on the minds of customers and inevitable they will associate your brand with that all important festive season.

xmas 3

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