“Fun Photography”

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut? Do you feel your images have lost their appeal? If so, then it’s time to inject some fun into your photography techniques or your photograph portfolio. This injection of fun requires you or your commercial photographer to experiment with different approaches when capturing images. The essence of fun photography is centered on capturing images that stand out from the crowd. Come on and stir up those creative juices!



Now, let’s put those creative juices to the test. I will outline some fun photography techniques that I believe are most useful when capturing those stand-out from the crowd images.

The Miniature Effect

  • This effect can be achieved by tilting the lens in a different direction to the image. If the lens is tilted and the image is taken from a distance, blur areas outside the small strip of the frame, then this gives the impression that photograph is a close-up view of the model or object.

last 2


Long Exposure

  • Using a tripod, keep the shutter open for longer period. This will enable you to create smooth images of running water, streams etc. If you want to catch night time star trails or street lighting, use this technique whilst also lowering your ISO settings. The long exposure and longer shutter speed captures the rising steam, hence making the photo more appealing and real.

last 3


Another example of long exposure: The longer shutter speed allows you to capture that running spray:

last 4


Creative Vision

  • This is something that can easily be captured in a photograph however creating the scene is somewhat objective. This vision cannot be thought and is inherent in the minds of individuals. Or is it? This is the great thing about fun photography. There are no boundaries or limitations. It’s all about getting creative and letting your imagination do the talking. Let yourself go and create images without boundaries. Experiment with props and lighting and see for yourself what fun photography can do for you! How much value can fun photography add to your portfolio?!

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