“Food Glorious Food”

‘Blah, blah, blah…………’ Is sometimes what we tend to read in many blogs! Initially we are enthralled in the blog however as read on and on the blog slowly turns to blah, blah, blah! So this week, I thought I would do something completely novel and fun and let you, the readers have your input and help shape the blog! Sound fun, well here’s the plan! As we all know (well hopefully at this stage) that an adjective is used to describe a noun, and a noun is a person, place or thing. So to put these in context consider this example. “That cake was absolutely delightful”. So, the cake will be our noun and delightful is our adjective. Okay so now that we are all up to speed, here’s my plan. I will present you with a number of my “Food Glorious Food” images, I will use one adjective I best believe represents this image. I want you to consider this adjective and ask you to come up with our own adjective. I want you to describe exactly how you believe these images should be described. So, to recap, the images are the nouns and the adjectives are the descriptive meanings. Please come up with your own adjectives and either tweet or leave a comment with your adjectives. Enjoy and have fun!

Good food is always guaranteed to be associated with positive adjectives. The ability to create positive food imagery is a persistent challenge, however if you get it right the results are priceless. Showcase your food with the best possible image and see what descriptive adjectives best describe your food. The images below are sure to tickle your taste buds! Come on and don’t be shy, let your imagination run away with you and tell the world what emotions these images stir up inside you!




gab 1


gab 2


gab 3


gab 4




gab 5



gab 6


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