“Abstract Photography”

Abstract photography is all about drama. The main aim of this type of photography is create dramatic images. It tends to rely on our primal sense of form, colour and curves rather than explicitly on detail. When it comes to abstract think “Subject Matter” not “Detail”.  It is difficult to define abstract photography, however the key points to consider is that it focuses on communicating through form, colour and curves instead of the image detail.



Abstract images are most effective when creating a brand or logo. As mentioned these images are all about drama and impact. The association of your brand with a dramatic abstract image will not only become a talking point but will raise awareness of your brand. The sheer impact of these images will remain imprinted on the minds of the consumer.



When viewing an abstract piece it is believed that the brain’s logical processes tend to be more subdued. Your reaction tends to be more instinctual, in essence the photographer is communicating to the viewer through their emotions. From a branding perspective this plays to your advantage as humans emotional systems are deemed much more powerful and responsive than their logical systems. Again this comes back to imprinting your brand on consumers’ brains. Associating your brand with an abstract image communicates directly with consumers’ emotions hence they immediately form an emotion response to your brand.



This emotional response is a form of competitive advantage which is uniquely exclusive to your company. This advantage is impossible to replicate or copy thus highlighting the importance of integrating a sense of drama into your brand. Using a commercial photographer to capture that all importance dramatic image will facilitate the growth and success of your brand. Abstract photography and drama are closely linked so consider creating your own piece of drama and watch your brand blossom!

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